About Us

Dear Students, Teachers and Parents,

The name 'Sarvagnan' means 'Sarva Gyan', i.e. knowledge of all kinds. The site which was previously known as Stufun will be now called 'Sarvagnan-the Knowledge.com'

Studies need not be boring. It can be interesting and students can enjoy learning. This is the motto of Sarvagnan-the knowledge.com. We had started this site with English Grammmar which is generally considered boring by students. However grammar can be interesting and it is the aim of this site to help students enjoy the subject.

The first phase of Sarvagnan-theknowledge.com included definitions of the grammatical terms, questions in pictoral forms, quizzes and exercises which would encourage students to think. To make it more interesting, we had introduced eight cartoon characters who are a part of the Sarvagnan family.

The second phase of Sarvagnan-theknowledge.com will include GictionaryTM (Online Picture Dictionary), Similar Sounding Words and Interactive Exercises. A picture is worth a thousand words.

GictionaryTM (Online Picture Dictionary) consists of over eleven hundred words (to begin with) with their meanings, grammatical connotations and pictures explaining each word. The words included in this list are verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, abstract nouns and collective nouns. The words are chosen with great care and they are used in everyday language.

Similar Sounding Words consists of words which sound similar, but have different meanings .(eg : to - two). These words come with their meanings and pictures to show the differences between the words.

Interactive Exercises are exercises which can be done online.

With its second phase, Sarvagnan-theknowledge.com tries to reach out not only students going to school / college, but also each and every person wishing to learn English language. Sarvagnan-theknowledge.com welcomes queries, comments, boquets and brickbats from all its clients.

Thank You,
Parwathy Akhileswaran
on behalf of the Sarvagnan family.



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